Sunday, December 26, 2010


Here we are again, my favourite day of the week.  Work is going wonderfully and I love it!  I also love the place I work in, it's a beautiful environment and you can see that a lot of thought and planning went in to the psychology of a work environment conducive to a positive and productive work force!  The people I work with are just as fantastic!

I have to say, taking my brain off the shelf, dusting it off and putting it to use again has been a challenge but I really love where I ended up, everything is just as it should be for me to be very happy and still keep my simplicity in tact.

So, until next time ... when I should have pics of finished quilts, although my machine is not set to ship until the 4th of Jan and it may take a week after that ... hopefully I'll have a lot more fun and happy news to post!

Happy quilting and happy trails and a prayer that may you all have a prosperous and happy 2011!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Time Sure Does FLY!

Well, so, I've made it through 4 weeks of training mostly unscathed and loving my work environment, the work itself and mostly my wonderful co-workers.  How fortunate I am!!!  I can't wait to get the offer to go permanent, just hope that I DO get that offer lol!

My poor sewing machine finally went kaput!  So, I found one on ebay and can't wait to get it!  I bid on it, it's NIB and BOY! OH! BOY!  Will I be cranking out quilts for a while! LOL!  It doesn't have my favourite feature, AHA (automatic height adjustment) but I'll surely be grateful until I can afford my dream machine :)

On the quilting note, I found stencils that I can follow and make my quilting patterns and even w/that help my poor machine just jumps so severely, periodic burps in the quilting make it look awful, however, it's not a total loss and I LOVE the stencils!  So, waiting to see if I win the auction and get a new machine for Christmas *wink*  Santa, I've been SUCH a good girl this year :)

I hope and pray that all have a wonderful and happy holiday and to our service men and women overseas who protect us with all that they have, I hope they have the BEST holiday of all and know that this woman deeply appreciates them and their sacrifice. Because of them I can worship as I please and speak my mind freely, enjoy any occupation and lifestyle that I choose, no limits, that's freedom ... but it ain't free!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Can I Get a T.G.I.F.?!

WWWWOW!  I haven't posted here in a while!  Been too busy trying to learn my new job, training class is tough and I've made it so far, inspite of all of the destractions LOL! 

Sure wish I could ride but quilting over the weekend works, too!  I still have 2 to finish as gifts and I guess my immediate family won't be getting theirs til next year sometime LOL!  However, I DO have to complete Sierra's quilt(s) before she goes off to college so she can wrap herself in a big hug from Mommie when she needs it, I'll surely miss that girl with all of me! *sniff* *sniff*

I am asleep early every night (930p), not that I have a headache but my brain certainly says it's TIRED!  Weird feeling, guess taking it out of storage and dusting it off and using it again causes that!  I'm really likin this!

Having completed my first benchmark and in good standing, I'm relieved and ready for round 2.  


Have a great weekend everyone, me, I plan to make a wonderful breakfast, cook and freeze meals for the upcoming week and quilt and and enjoy time w/my family.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


WOO HOO!  I made it through my first week back to work and in training class.  *WHEW*!

We had a spread on Friday and it was essentially a big blow-off, not a lot study-wise got accomplished but we were expecting that and I was certainly good with it lol!

I feel MUCH better today, just a little congestion left and nothing like what I was battling at the beginning of the week.  WOW! That was rough on top of trying to learn and being "older", only I would have an experience like THAT LMBO!

We're going truck shopping in a bit, waiting on 'Lainey to wake and have breakfast with us.  Sierra is on a college tour at Texas Tech in Lubbock.  She's already noticed that it's not really the place for her LOL! 

Speaking of Sierra and college, she's pretty much decided that she wants to go to UofH (university of houston), why? I have no idea *rolling eyes* but she fully understands that if she gets a full ride to Northwestern in Illinois, or Rice in Houston, SHE'S GOING! LOL!

I'll do horsey things this afternoon and early evening and then quilt late evening/tonight, although I do prefer to quilt during the day when it's sunny, dunno why, it's just more relaxing and fulfilling for me to do so during that time of day. 

Tomorrow will be spent cooking food/leftovers and planning menus and shopping for them, for the upcoming work week.  Aaaahhhh, yes, work, I like this stuff coz it buys me TOYS! LOL!

Have a good one and I'll see ya when I see ya!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is It Friday, Yet?

Whatta WEEK it has been! WOW!  My brain doesn't know what to do and when I get home I'm kind of on auto-pilot or something and this getting dark by 5:30 just really throws me for a loop!

I've pretty much completed my first week back to work and it was really fun! I can SO do this!  They say that tomorrow, Friday, is pretty much a blow off day, not a lot gets accomplished ... b/c it's FRIDAY LOL!  So, we're having a spread and going over things off-and-on all day.  I am really looking forward to this.

I'm going truck shopping Saturday so wish me luck, I need my wheels!

I am also struggling with a nasty bug/upper respiratory infection which I caught Friday night and really hit me hard on Monday ... yah, leave it to me to start a new job w/a serious infection/cold PUHHH HAHAHAHAHA ! I love me!

On to the weekend, some quilting, some car shopping, some spending time w/my horsey habit and then back at it ... I mean that IS the reason I work, to pay for my horsey habit and quilting fun!  WoO HOo!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


What the heck happened to my music? Some of it has been changed, oh well, guess I'll work on that when I have a chance, apologies b/c some of that is NOT what's been on here ... yuck! lol!

I'm fighting off a cold, of COURSE I get sick b/c I'm starting back to work  Monday ... just proves I'm allergic to 8-5 work LOL!

Well, I FINALLY finished my first COMPLETED quilt and it is a total MESS, YUCK! LOL!  Everything that you can do wrong in making a quilt, I did LOL!  I did learn a LOT and it has helped me with my decisions on machines as well, so this quilt means a lot.  Hubby said, "It's okay, we still love it coz you made it" LOL!  He's turning his office into a quilt gallery of my finished projects that are all practice/learning items ... boy! does he love me or WHAT coz that stuff is UGLY! LMBO!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Did a UFO :)

So I opted to finish another top LOL!  Now to find and decide on backing and binding ... it's a gift so I need to be very particular, I certainly hope she likes it!


Well, I would have finished another top, however, I still wait for the border and backing fabric to arrive in the mail, so, I'm trying to decide whether to finish another top or start quilting one that's ready to be quilted and try once again, my inexperienced hand a FMQ ... stay tuned to see what I decided lol!

Thank you for visiting, I always appreciate it and your comments as well.

*HUGS* and Alohas and Happy Holidays to you all!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stuff and Things

I'm off to the market today to get ready for next week.  I start back to work full-time after having been home with my children since late 2001 it's a big change!  Thank you to my friends who have encouraged me and been realistic about what to expect, like, it will be hard at first to adjust but it's worth it.  I'm looking forward to being around adults again, mostly, and having something to do, changing my sense of purpose.  Also, the funds generated will help pay for Sierra's formal education which begins the Fall of 2011.

So, here's to sandwiches and soup and leftovers for lunch daily, crock pot meals ready when I get home and a lot of leftovers and cooking on Sunday to prepare for the work week ahead ... oh boy lol!

Speaking of Sierra, she's become a bit apprehensive about going off to school, as in it's REALLY going to happen, she's leaving home! *GULP*!  She says that she doesn't know what to expect and that maybe her father and I are not realistic about what our experiences were LOL!  I assured her that she was not the only one who felt apprehensive about the unknown their first week away from home at college, although I was so excited I couldn't get out of the house fast enough! lol!  She said that she would just have to get over it and grow up, shocked me as I was prepared to coddle her and nurture her into the experience.  But, that's never been Sierra.  I remember the 3rd grade when I would walk her to class daily and she looked up at me and said, "Mom, you don't need to hold my hand and walk me to class anymore" :(  of course I cried after I left but at that moment I simply said, "Are you sure, coz I'm here if you need me"  she replied, looking up at me with those gigantic eyes of hers and said, "I'm sure" and smiled.  She's always been independent but I did not expect her to be so much so lol!  I am so very proud and at the same time full of hope, joy and fear.  I have no idea how mothers do it, send their first off to college but it's been done millions of times and I'm certain that I too will survive and my child will thrive and be successful :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Win an Accuquilt GO!

Here is another Blogger giving away the Accuquilt GO!  Good luck and can't wait to see who wins!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Updates and Such

Well, Caprica has found a wonderful new home and owner and I couldn't have done better matching them up, if I do say so myself.  Something, that little voice, just told me they needed to be together.  They met up yesterday and she went home with them, a life-long friend of mine and her hubby.  He needed Caprica and she needed him.  I wasn't even sad to see her go because that little voice comforted me and said, "She'll be fine, and happy". 

Hence, the change in the pic above.  This is one of our lovely wedding pics, it says a lot about how much fun we have and my hubby, when asked why he wanted to marry ME and not some younger, hotter model with whom he could have children, he replies, "but then I wouldn't be married to 'Lucy'".  LOL! Had to marry a guy who "gets me", SLOL!

Have a great week, everyone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Most of you that know me, know that when my mind is made up, a freight train at full speed is easier to stop! LOL!  So, I am DETERMINED to finish all my UFOs BEFORE beginning another "project"!  I have SO many here and need to quilt them whether it be sending it off to the Long Armer's or trying again myself on my machine, either way it WILL be done BEFORE I start any OTHER project no matter HOW tempting and beautiful and challenging and addicting they are! LOL!

I have also figured out a few things while shopping for a new sewing machine.  I definitely will purchase my next one with the following features, no exceptions, used or otherwise:  AHA (automatic height adjuster), SR (stitch regulator)  with those two major functions, I can finish quilts easily!

Also, I definitely see a long arm or mid-arm I think it is, in my future, hopefully near future as in the first quarter of 2011!  I'm looking at the Voyager 17 thinking it will fit my needs along with the frame from Hinterberg made for it.

So ... it is with determination that I meet these goals ... now let's see what happens coz we all know about the "best laid plans" LOL!

Have a smile, I have plenty! :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shoo Fly Quilt

So I was able to whip this out today and absolutley LOVE the pattern! Not so impressed w/my own work but I'm working on that lol! 

I love this pattern so much that I'm making one with Christmas fabric as we speak!

This is from the McCall's Quick Quilts magazine, current issue and it truly is a breeze!  My older daughter liked it so much that I'm making one for her for Christmas in her favourite colour, purple.

Still trying to decide whether or not it needs a border but in the magazine it only had white binding and backing and that's it!  Btw, I made this with one Moda Jelly Roll in the 30's Repro fabrics, my FAV!  LOVE the 30s Repros!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A REALLY Nice Saturday :)

It's so nice and cool and rainy out.  I slept in, something I usually can't do because I need a new mattress and it only allows my back about 4-5 hours of sleep, but moving to the sofa made a big difference, so relaxing.

I've had the house opened up for weeks and sleeping with the windows open is such a joy for me, I love it!

I'm going to spend the day quilting and loving every minute of it ... of course I need to go to the feed store first for animal supplies, but I don't mind that kind of shopping at all lol!  You see, I loathe shopping of anykind unless it's at the Tractor Supply Store or any Feed Store where there are farm animal things involved and even a piece of furniture or two and maybe some applicable clothing ... yes, I love my life SO much :)

Have a wonderfully, happy weekend all, I know I will!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Chance to Win!

My new Blog friend Micki in Ireland (LOVE that place!) is giving away an Accuquilt GO!  So GO! to her site and enter!  She's giving us 4 opportunities to win 1 GO!  WOO HOO! 

Click on her link:

Good luck, everyone!


Well, we won't know anything or get offers until Monday/Tuesday, that is going to make for a very, very, long weekend, oh well.

I appreciate all of your support and prayers.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Need Good Thoughts and Prayers!

Okay, so I've been job hunting since August and finally a GOOD prospect.  Tomorrow's the pre-interview at 930a CST and if I like what they have to say and the base offer, an actual interview at 230p then later that afternoon a decision.  I REALLY want this job!

I haven't worked since 2001 coz I wanted to spend my life raising my little babies. Now that they've mostly grown and take care of themselves, I'm not really needed and a full-time job will ensure that they get through college, debt free, another goal of mine as "Mommie".  Plus, the extra income will provide my horsey habit with all it's trimmings :)

So, wish me luck, say a prayer and know that your thoughts and efforts are not lost on me.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you SO very much for your support!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

49 Years Ago Today

I made my advent into this world full of determination to be happy, no matter WHAT!  and I tell ya, that "what" surely has tormented me all these years but never won!  LOL!

Today is filled with a luncheon and tea, with my girlfriends, my favourite.  Then a nice trail ride and then dinner with my family, cooked here at home.  Think I'll have Pad Thai and a nice Orangecello after dinner on the patio and watch the horses do their evening run.

Yep, I'm a simple gal, I think that's why I'm so danged happy!  and I have only just begun ... here's to the NEXT, totally fulfilling 49!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Ahhhhhh ... *happy sigh of relief*  Here we are again, my fav day of the week!  Join us for Brunch?  The menu is:  Whole wheat pancakes, thick slab bacon, eggs, peppers from the garden, biscuits, Greek yogurt w/fruit and granola, coffee, tea and juice.  We're eating outdoors under the gorgeous trees in this GorGEoUS weather!  I just LOVE Sundays, my absolute fave day of the week!

I'm going for a ride later, just around the farm, wanna join me after Brunch?!

Also, thought I'd try to change the look of my blog to something more Autumnal ... also my fav.

Can't believe I'll be 49 this Tuesday, I feel like I'm only 35 and thankfully look it!  I say it's because all the FAT fills in what would be wrinkles! LOL! 

I had a family member have stroke this past Friday and it brings to the fore of my mind the ever present need to become physically fit and no longer take fitness for granted.  So, that's my goal for the next year ... along with a few others *wink* *big grin*

Happy Trails to all!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Win an Accuquilt GO!

Pop over to this gorgeous blog and find out how!


I still can't believe I won something! AACK!  I participated in the Fall into Fall giveaway on over 150 blogs, I think it was and I actually WON!  Considering I had my blog set to not have my email accessible *DOH* I didn't know that so the 1st 1/2 of my entries never got considered but no matter, I WON this one and it's in my FAV colours, too!  Yellows and Sunlfowers!  Now if I could EVER figure out how to put a calendar/clock on here and change my backgrounds, I'd REALLY be happy with MY blog LOL!

Thank you Joanna for the generous give away gift and for participating.  Check out her blog, it's beautiful and full of helpful info!

Til next time, *HUGS* and Alohas,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Words to Live By

"Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. If you don't have any problems, you don't get any seeds. " ~ Norman Vincent Peale

My personal philosophy is, "the only people that have NO problems are dead people!" So, using my "challenges" as "struggles" and not a means of suffering, I use them as a catalyst to spring forward into the future w/seeds that will bloom into GLORIOUS Victories!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 and Sunday, too!

Another GOrGEoUS Autumn day and it's a Sunday!  Too bad lottery doesn't ring tonight, seems like a lucky day to win lol!

Here's to a wonderful, gorgeous day and now to finish my blocks I'm making for that block swap that's gone International, SO cool!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Giveaways WOW!

I'm still pretty new to quilting and self-taught (been quilting since July '10, I think it is) and there was a link on a wonderful quilting board that I belong to, that went to sites participating in a big giveaway called, "Fall Into Fall Giveaways" and WOW!  Over 150 bloggers I think it is, are participating and giving away very generous gifts based upon a drawing that will be held the 15th. 

First, I had NO IDEA that SO MANY people loved quilting and the talent out there, WOW!  I thought only such things existed at huuuge quilt shows lol!

I've saved quite a few of the blogs and will be revisiting for inspiration, instruction and helpful hints.  Some of the things that I've found on youtube just aren't very helpful or I can't understand the person so I keep looking but the gals w/the blogs certainly have a way of making things so clear for me!

Also, I must give kudos to the lady that started it all for me.  Her name is Jenny and she's from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  It's her board that I belong to and it is her tutes that make quilting SO simple for me.  She explains things so well and makes them so easy that I have been able to quilt all that I want to!  I just need to continue to hone my craft and someday, I too will be a Master Quilter!

I LOVE Autumn, my fave time of year!  All the colours and the temps and lovely chilly nights, I just LOVE IT! Can't wait til we're in the mountains again and I can make a nice fire every evening, LOVE THAT!

Off to make some yummy soup for dinner ... speaking of Autumn :)

Thank you to all my new friends for following, I hope to get to know you better and visit w/you often.

*HUGS* and Alohas :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Poor Kid

My poor kid ... she's a Senior in high school this year and has pre AP classes.  Problem is, she also works a part-time job that is really more than it should be therefore taking away from her study time.  If she asks for fewer hours the goofy boss lowers her hours to a rediculous 6 hours per week, not even worth the gas to go into town for and if she asks for more he complains and then gives her 20-25 which stresses her little self out far too much!

She's supposed to ENJOY high school and NOT work so hard, college and her life after that is for working and pursuing your career.  Her schedule is NOT a "preliminary" or "dress rehearsal" ... proud of her though, she doesn't complain but it sure is catching up w/her, I hate that.

Love my kid so much, just dunno what to do for her ... hate this part of being Mommie ... helpless :(

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday *happy sigh of relief*

Another GOrGEoUS, GLORIOUS SUNDAY!  How I DO love my Sundays! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1st! YYYAY!

Have I ever told you that besides yellow being my favourite colour, October is my favourite month of the year?!  It has started off absolutely GORGEOUS here, today!  It's a sunny, mild 78 w/a gentle breeze.  I've got the house all opened up and fans gently blowing.

Picked about one-third of my first crop of apples, SO excited!  We have lived here for three years now and when we moved in the tree was almost dead.  I convinced the landlords to not doze it down and let me have a go at it.  It took THREE YEARS but was so worth the wait as they are the most crisp and sweet that I have EVER grown!  They are the Delicious variety and although they would not have been my choice to plant, I'll certainly appreciate and love them fully.

As I type this, or as we speak in virtual terms *grin/wink*, I've got fried apples on the stove in my trusty cast iron skillet and yes, true to my Southern roots they ARE frying in bacon grease left over from this morning's breakfast, YUM! LOL!

I've also got the applebutter started, applesauce comes first :)  and now have to head to town tomorrow for more mason jars, *sigh*

Well, I'm off to do some more quilting while all the apples cook and, oh yes, I have a cobbler in the oven, too, the girls will LOVE that when they get home from school :)

Happy Friday everyone and mostly, HAPPIEST OF OCTOBERS TO YOU!!!  *happy dancing*

Saturday, September 25, 2010

May I have a Do-Over, Please?!

You ever have one of those days where you really should just go back to bed or get a Do-Over?  Well, yes, this one is mine, and it's early yet!  Although rare, these kinds of days, I just have to have them once-in-a-blue-moon so that I appreciate how smooth and simple my life is, just the way that I like it! lol!

My sewing machine died, for some reason when finishing a quilting project by putting on the binding. *rolling eyes* I like to use zig-zag sometimes and this time when adjusting the bobbin dial back to a normal stitch it keeps doing nothing but creating a diabolical disaster on the back side of anything that I am trying to quilt ACK!  This is way more than just "bird nests", it is complete and total YUCK!

I can't sign onto the quilting board that I belong to, to get any advice or let every one know that I'm behind (haven't even started as that's where I was headed when this disaster happened!) on my block swap project b/c they did some server maintenance all day yesterday, last night and now I can't sign on!

Think I'll just go out for a ride ... but the way this day is going so far ... maybe I'd better not!  LOL!

*eyes crossed* ... *faints* ------------   THUD!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


OH ... MY... GREATNESS IT IS GOREGOUS OUT!!!  You know, it is my belief that when the devil was looking for a place to call hell he turned Texas down b/c he said, "It's just too hot!"  So, when Autumn rolls around it is just HEAVENLY around here! 

Our temps for the weekend are lows in the upper 50s and highs in the upper 80s ... I'd live here forEVER if those were year 'round temps LOL!

Weather seems to affect everything and this gorgeous weather has made for a lovely breakfast on the front porch w/hubby ... kiddos are gone.  Horses were up saying goodmorning and enjoying theirs w/us.  A gentle breeze, bright sunshine and not blazing for once lol!  Birds singing, the last of the crickets and sequedas chirping away and the birds just singing.  My begonias survived another summer and look beautiful ... maybe I should start posting pics of this stuff?!  I need a way better camera to get gorgeous pics on here!

I started having "tea" w/my daughters.  The kind my mother and sisters and I used to do where we just sit and enjoy tea in some lovely china and chat about our goings on ... *sigh*  I'm glad I've introduced them to "tea".  They loved it and look forward to it now.

I have a cup or two before bed every night and in the afternoons will have a few cups but my mornings still belong to my beloved coffee.

Although life has been it's most challenging these past two years and this past month the MOST ... we still have what matters, our hearts and hope, always hope.

I have never been so happy and fulfilled ... LOVIN life! :)

Care for some tea and made from scratch lemon bars?  *HUGS*

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I just LOVE Sundays so much!  The world seems a little more at ease and everyone seems to smile just a bit more, in spite of all the hard times.

It seems almost like Fall is here and that's my favourite time of year.  I have been able to get back to enjoying my early morning coffee and breakfast on the porch after the kiddos and hubby are gone and the animals fed and cared for.

It's just so peaceful and I wish every day were this lovely and happy.

With gratitude and appreciation, Alohas to you all ...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scrappy Star

Okay, so now that I've got the hang of the "Easy Carpenter's Star" or Wheel as it is also known, I'm addicted! 

Here's a smaller version my first made w/scraps from my daughter's jeans that she outgrew and left over scraps.  Of COURSE I had to have a pucker right in the middle! grrrrr ... I still like it though and am working on another w/some other scraps.  I'm trying to figure out a way to join them all together into one quilt and make a couple of other into simple lap quilts.

LOVIN THIS!!!  Thank you Marcia of Quilter's Cache for the easy pattern!  WOO HOO!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Easy Carpenter's Star

YYYYAY!  I finally did a Carpenter's Star!  I have been wanting to do one for so long but been too intimidated lol!  I found one on Quilter's Cache and LOVE IT!  I used one Layer Cake called Holiday Flourish and some red background fabric and VIOLA!  I actually did it!  SO excited! 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Top

I finished another top and LOVE this fabric line.  It's called "Bar Harbor" another by Moda.  This was from the Moda Bake Shop line of free patterns.  I knocked this out in 40 minutes!  I LOVE IT!  and do plan to make a few more!

Now if I could just get them quilted! LOL!  What is the dEAL with this blog?!  I post pics and then afterwards can't get the text to left align?!   More reasons to not work on this site, really don't like that I can't get it the way I want it to look, oh well, another non-techie moment :(

Thursday, July 22, 2010

*Heavy Sigh*

Okay, I give up for a while b/c I can't find a couple of songs that I really want on my playlist player and I can not seem to get the page to look the way that I want it to ... *groan*

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Gift

This one is a special thank you to a friend.  When it's quilted, I'll send it along :)

Again, the Turning Twenty pattern but this one I did 12 :)  Hanging on the wall again the reason for crooked borders.

That went well!

YAY!  Okay, on to another, now :)

This is my first practic w/the "Turning Twenty" pattern, I only did 8 :D  .. yes, another that still needs to be quilted LOL!  This will be a cover for the back of the sofa or a bed runner :)  It's not crooked on the borders, just when they hang they do this, I'm going to take pics on the bed from now on, much better lol!

More Work

Okay, let's see how I do with pics! ;)

Well, can't get the text to left align but looks like I got the pic loaded?!  This is my second finished quilt top on my own!  It is made from one Layer Cake in Fresh Cottons by Moda and fabric from the same line for the two borders.  I finally decided on backing so next will be to take that long arm class or send it to the long-armer's for finishing and then to wash and use it!  Can't wait! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Still Growing!

Okay, WOOO HOOO!  I think I've got it now!  Added music the way I wanted ... FINALLLLLYYY!  and it's 2:32a.  I'm good w/my work so far.  Will work more another time on pics and such ... oh boy ... LOL!

Happy trails, happy quilting, happy cooking and as always,

Hapa Love!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pardon My Growth

Well, here I am trying to add some more to my blog, that I rarely visit lol! I have found some REALLY BEAUTIFUL blogs, wish I could make mine like those but apparently I don't have those options? Anyways, I didn't like the new music added, couldn't find the songs I wanted but will work on it more ....

Finished 3 quilt tops ... now to get them quilted ... hee hee hee hee

Friday, July 2, 2010


Okay, so I haven't written in this thing for a long time, I'm not a blogger/journaler by habit I just live it and remember it instead of writing it ... it's just that sometimes I like to look at what I remember so ... I need to blog/journal then! LOL!

I've been avoiding the heat by quilting and if I can figure out how to attach pics, I'll show you some of my tops and my Dresden Plates, that are still not put together b/c I can't decided on a background, sashing and center LOL!

Artist at work! ... Happy quilting to all!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

By Joe, I Think She's Got It!

Heh! Whattdya know ... 2 cups of coffee later, I think I'm getting it *rolling eyes at self*


Okay, so now where's the previous post? LMAO! I SO don't get this ... AiYA!


Okay, so I thought that I already did this? Then the freakin screen goes white then I'm asked to make another one of these, then my blog name is taken??? SHEESH! I just don't get this! Now, the goofy thing is titled De Ja Vu instead of HapaMom ... freakin technical stuff!!!!

Okay, so that's my vent, now that my name is gone ... used by me but I can't get to it ... I may never be back here again .... ARRRGH!