Saturday, November 20, 2010


WOO HOO!  I made it through my first week back to work and in training class.  *WHEW*!

We had a spread on Friday and it was essentially a big blow-off, not a lot study-wise got accomplished but we were expecting that and I was certainly good with it lol!

I feel MUCH better today, just a little congestion left and nothing like what I was battling at the beginning of the week.  WOW! That was rough on top of trying to learn and being "older", only I would have an experience like THAT LMBO!

We're going truck shopping in a bit, waiting on 'Lainey to wake and have breakfast with us.  Sierra is on a college tour at Texas Tech in Lubbock.  She's already noticed that it's not really the place for her LOL! 

Speaking of Sierra and college, she's pretty much decided that she wants to go to UofH (university of houston), why? I have no idea *rolling eyes* but she fully understands that if she gets a full ride to Northwestern in Illinois, or Rice in Houston, SHE'S GOING! LOL!

I'll do horsey things this afternoon and early evening and then quilt late evening/tonight, although I do prefer to quilt during the day when it's sunny, dunno why, it's just more relaxing and fulfilling for me to do so during that time of day. 

Tomorrow will be spent cooking food/leftovers and planning menus and shopping for them, for the upcoming work week.  Aaaahhhh, yes, work, I like this stuff coz it buys me TOYS! LOL!

Have a good one and I'll see ya when I see ya!


  1. Big decisions about colleges going on I see...Good luck to them with all that they decide to do!

  2. Hey Micki! thank you so much, been so busy w/the new job here that I can hardly keep my eyes open when I get home. My brain is getting a SERIOUS workout! LOL! *HUGS* and Alohas!