Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stuff and Things

I'm off to the market today to get ready for next week.  I start back to work full-time after having been home with my children since late 2001 it's a big change!  Thank you to my friends who have encouraged me and been realistic about what to expect, like, it will be hard at first to adjust but it's worth it.  I'm looking forward to being around adults again, mostly, and having something to do, changing my sense of purpose.  Also, the funds generated will help pay for Sierra's formal education which begins the Fall of 2011.

So, here's to sandwiches and soup and leftovers for lunch daily, crock pot meals ready when I get home and a lot of leftovers and cooking on Sunday to prepare for the work week ahead ... oh boy lol!

Speaking of Sierra, she's become a bit apprehensive about going off to school, as in it's REALLY going to happen, she's leaving home! *GULP*!  She says that she doesn't know what to expect and that maybe her father and I are not realistic about what our experiences were LOL!  I assured her that she was not the only one who felt apprehensive about the unknown their first week away from home at college, although I was so excited I couldn't get out of the house fast enough! lol!  She said that she would just have to get over it and grow up, shocked me as I was prepared to coddle her and nurture her into the experience.  But, that's never been Sierra.  I remember the 3rd grade when I would walk her to class daily and she looked up at me and said, "Mom, you don't need to hold my hand and walk me to class anymore" :(  of course I cried after I left but at that moment I simply said, "Are you sure, coz I'm here if you need me"  she replied, looking up at me with those gigantic eyes of hers and said, "I'm sure" and smiled.  She's always been independent but I did not expect her to be so much so lol!  I am so very proud and at the same time full of hope, joy and fear.  I have no idea how mothers do it, send their first off to college but it's been done millions of times and I'm certain that I too will survive and my child will thrive and be successful :)


  1. Why do our daughters have to be so independent?? Of course, I raised mine to be...but still I want her to be little again and at home again.

    Good luck on your job. What will you be doing?

  2. I wasn't planning on raising them to be so independent, just happened LOL! I sure do miss them being little :(

    I'll be paying for horsey stuff and college tuition LOL!