Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well, I would have finished another top, however, I still wait for the border and backing fabric to arrive in the mail, so, I'm trying to decide whether to finish another top or start quilting one that's ready to be quilted and try once again, my inexperienced hand a FMQ ... stay tuned to see what I decided lol!

Thank you for visiting, I always appreciate it and your comments as well.

*HUGS* and Alohas and Happy Holidays to you all!


  1. I hate UFO's...and if I ever do get to sew again...I will accumulate tops as I cannot quilt on this machine until I get my good ones. I just HATE that. I like to get one done before moving on. Oh well. Let's see what you decide.

  2. LOL! I tell ya, Tonya, my quilting really sucks but I keep on. When I finally get MY gorgeous, new machine, I'm sure my "quilting" skills will improve, miraculously! LOL! Still can't decide what to do so guess I'll give hubby's dog a bath LOL!