Sunday, May 23, 2010

By Joe, I Think She's Got It!

Heh! Whattdya know ... 2 cups of coffee later, I think I'm getting it *rolling eyes at self*


Okay, so now where's the previous post? LMAO! I SO don't get this ... AiYA!


Okay, so I thought that I already did this? Then the freakin screen goes white then I'm asked to make another one of these, then my blog name is taken??? SHEESH! I just don't get this! Now, the goofy thing is titled De Ja Vu instead of HapaMom ... freakin technical stuff!!!!

Okay, so that's my vent, now that my name is gone ... used by me but I can't get to it ... I may never be back here again .... ARRRGH!