Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is It Friday, Yet?

Whatta WEEK it has been! WOW!  My brain doesn't know what to do and when I get home I'm kind of on auto-pilot or something and this getting dark by 5:30 just really throws me for a loop!

I've pretty much completed my first week back to work and it was really fun! I can SO do this!  They say that tomorrow, Friday, is pretty much a blow off day, not a lot gets accomplished ... b/c it's FRIDAY LOL!  So, we're having a spread and going over things off-and-on all day.  I am really looking forward to this.

I'm going truck shopping Saturday so wish me luck, I need my wheels!

I am also struggling with a nasty bug/upper respiratory infection which I caught Friday night and really hit me hard on Monday ... yah, leave it to me to start a new job w/a serious infection/cold PUHHH HAHAHAHAHA ! I love me!

On to the weekend, some quilting, some car shopping, some spending time w/my horsey habit and then back at it ... I mean that IS the reason I work, to pay for my horsey habit and quilting fun!  WoO HOo!


  1. Good luck with the truck shopping and hope you are feeling well soon!