Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Day of 2011, YAY!

I can say that 2011 completely sucked!  It was a horrible year for me and my family, yet at the same time, I used it as a year of tremendous growth and I am  much happier for it!

I went to look at a mare today, she was really nice but not my FTB, so the search continues, or rather, begins lol!  

Here are a couple of pics.  They say what you do on New Year's Day, you'll do the rest of the year, maybe I should've rode tomorrow lol!  No matter, the Japanese say, what you do at the end of the year, you'll take over into the New Year, either way, I'M GETTIN BACK TO THE TRAILS! WOO HOO!

A very Happy New Year to you all, let's ROCK 2012!
*HUGS* and Alohas!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hello Bloggers and Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! (Happy New Year).

Here's to 2011 being over with ... a lot of growth and changes for me but that's okay, it's all for the better.

Here's to 2012 and making my wishes and dreams come true starting with a pony (horse, actually, that's just my affection frothing over lol!) that I can ride anywhere, anytime and a lot of camping and trail riding getting accomplished and made up for!

It's been a long one, this year and I'm glad that it's almost over.  I'm going to focus on finishing UFOs and getting a couple of quilts that I've made as gifts of appreciation for those that helped us through our rough patch this year, finished as well.

I'll post pics of them here when they're done and the  new Xs and Os that I'm working on made from the charm pack I won.  Figures, I ran out of the background so have to send a swatch to Missouri Star Quilt Company and get another, LOVE them!  If it weren't for Jenny and her wonderful and easy to follow tutorials, NONE of my quilting dreams would be coming true!

Well, looking forward to more folks following and a lot more fun posts this year.  Here's to a better one for us all!

*HUGS* and Alohas! and again, Hau'oli Makahiki Hou to you and yours!

Thursday, December 22, 2011



I won a truly precious Japanese panel, hand made by Julie Fukuda at My Quilt Diary. (I'm so choked up, I can barely type!) 

This is a very, very special prize for me as I will never see my mother's that she left for me and this is almost identical to hers.  I'll post a pic when I get it.

Looks like 2012 is really a 180 from 2011, THANK GOODNESS! AND C'MON WIT IT! I am SO ready!


Mahalo a nui loa! Doumo Arigato Gozaimashiita!
Thank you so VERY MUCH!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I WON!!!

I WON! I WON! I WON, I WON, I WON!!!  WOO HOOO!  No, it wasn't the lottery, I don't think, I have to look at my ticket from last night LOL! 

The giveaways that I entered, I was notified by two of the new blogs that I am following, that I won! I won a Charm Pack (I can never have enough pre-cuts!) and a Calendar by an author of a barn quilting book!

OH! I can't wait to get my prizes and share them with you!  

Thanks for a GREAT start to a GREAT upcoming YEAR! WOO HOO! *mindlessly happy dancing!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blog Hop Giveaway!

Okay, so, since we forgot about my personal giveaway b/c of my injuries and such, here's an even BETTER one!  The blogger community is having a super giveaway in which over 250 bloggers are participating!  Click the link below and got to all the blogs and sign up to win, you never know, last year I WON! I still have the fabric and haven't decided, YET what to make with it LOL!  Enjoy and Melekalikimaka Hou'oli Makahiki Hou! (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sorry, I can't seem to figure out how to get the icon on here but if I ever do, I'll add it LOL!


p.s.  maybe someday I'll also figure out how to get my blog looking like I want, which is WAY more than the options here *sigh*

Monday, November 14, 2011

Giveaway Update

First, let me apologize for being so late and still not having pics of the fabric that I'd like to give away to celebrate the season and our victorious summer!

The move went off, but not w/o a hitch or two the main one being that I've torn my meniscus and possibly my ACL and apparently outpatient or day surgery will be necessary and I'll be out of commission for up to three months afterwards. ugh ...   I will see the doc the first week of December to see about scheduling the surgery, etc., and w/deductibles and such, I'm sure I'll be scheduling for January ;)

So, that leaves the house still in disarray, things still in boxes and I need storage!  (hubby's working full-time nights, going to school full-time days so he does what he can) Apparently, even though our apartment is three bedrooms, there's no storage for things that were in the attic, ARGH!  So, I'm shopping for ways to store things that doesn't leave me with totes stacked to the ceiling in a bedroom lol!

I'll get batteries for the camera this weekend and pics of the fabric up and then feel free to enter up to five times,  here's how!

1. Leave me a comment

2. Create a link on your page, back to mine

3. Leave a comment on a friends page mentioning my giveaway with a link to my page

4. You'll get an extra entry for giving me the link to their page

5. Follow my blog

There you have it, FIVE chances to win!

*HUGS* and Alohas!

Monday, October 31, 2011

November 5th

Hello Bloggers!

Well it looks like we'll be moving in to our new digs Friday (please say a prayer that, that's true and all works out that we do!) so I'll be able to post pics of the fabric that I'd like to have in my first ever FABULOUS Fall Fabric Giveaway!

As you know, I love Fall, it's my fave season and I am SO excited it's here!  I know it'll be late when we draw for the winner, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but you'll have it, love it and a LOT of it!

Now for the ways to enter:

1. Leave me a comment

2. Create a link on your page, back to mine

3. Leave a comment on a friends page mentioning my giveaway with a link to my page

4. You'll get an extra entry for giving me the link to their page

5. Follow my blog

There you have it, FIVE chances to win!

I am itchin to get stitchin myself and am so excited and happy that I just HAVE to share the joy!

Thank you for your entry and I can't wait to see who wins!

*HUGS* and Alohas!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Dad has Completely Lost His Mind

I am sorry, but I just HAVE to get this off my chest for I have kept quiet way too long now!

So I go to visit my sister a couple of weeks ago and a few minutes after I get there she asks me to sit down coz she has something to tell me, about Dad.  I hate that and won't ever sit down, just tell me so I can take it standing up!  (I thought she was going to tell me he was dying of cancer or something horrible liek that?!) So, I say, "No, go ahead *gulp*".

She proceeds to tell me that dad is getting remarried.  I ask when and she says, "November, next MONTH, and that's not all".  "He's selling the house and moving to Ohio, coz 'she's' from Ohio and he loves it there, he's already been to visit a couple of times, AND 'she' was at Mom's funeral!".

Now don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge the man his happiness at all, it's just that he told me he wasn't going to do ANYTHING  for one year (Mom passed February of 2010).  Yet several things immediately did not add up.

First, he had told me back in May that he had "BEEN dating", he clearly let it slip, you should've seen his face when he realized who it was he had slipped the info to! At that time he told me that he "wasn't going to do ANYTHING for ONE YEAR", adamantly insisting.

He was working furiously to get rid of everything that was Mom's and it showed.  He even said he was going to trade in his almost brand new GMC Sierra and Mom's 4 year old Buick Le Sabre, which he had been driving coz he said it was better on gas than his truck which only had 29K miles on it and mom's car had not quite 50K.  Well, first LIE, he traded in cars alright, just Mom's and then to buy that "gas saver" he got an Equinox?! The Buick got better mileage!

Second, my sibilings and I were trying to talk him into selling the house b/c he can't stand to go into Mom's room where he found her and he's hired someone to come and clean.  *rolling eyes*  Again, he reiterated that he wasn't going to do anything for one year.

Third, but not lacking in importance, this issue w/moving out-of-state.  My Mother wanted to move too, at his suggestion and much to her delight, either Ft. Lauderdale or Seattle, both of which she LOVED, because she could, "Eat fresh fish anytime I wanted and be around a LOT of Japanese people".  She had such a happy, dreamy look in her eye when she would say that, and was SO happy at the prospect!  However, years passed and no excuses except that he didn't want to have a house payment, he just didn't get mortgages and equity and real estate wealth in general ... *rolling eyes*. 

Don't get me wrong here, I don't begrudge the man his happiness at all, he deserves that.  What I'm upset and disappointed and just plain angry about is the lies, all the lying, why is it necessary?! 

First the woman is from Dad's "gang" as he calls them, her husband has passed, dunno how long ago, so she and dad hook up, yet she was at Mom's funeral and has known mom as long as she's known dad ... since the mid 80's?!!!  Second, he wouldn't move out of Oklahoma, his birthplace and life-long home when Mom wanted to but b/c this woman wants to he will w/o hesitation?!  Yah, yah, he's grieving and wants to get away from where Mom died and is buried but COME ON!  When we first moved to Oklahoma from Long Beach, California, he LIED to Mom about his choice of final duty stations, he said his choices were either to stay in Long Beach, or he could choose Pearl City, Hawai'i, or Oklahoma, where he was from and his parents and 2 children (my older bro and sis who are actually step-sibilings and he my step-father) were.  He told Mom he put in for Long Beach and gee, we ended up in Oklahoma.  She was pissed, needless to say. 

It's really about money, his first love.  My mother told me that she had a life insurance policy for my younger bro and sis and I, b/c Dad made her sign papers at the bank saying that if he died first the house would go to my older bro and not her?! WEIRD! and super painful for her.  Yet, she never gave me the insurance info and by now I'm sure he has all of that money ... so, let him have it if it means THAT much to him ... This new woman has $$$ from her husband's passing and all that that entails plus she is also to sell her home and frankly, I'll miss him but glad he's moving on and getting all of this drama over with.  He thinks he won't have to pay anything or that it will only be 1/2 b/c she has "her own money" ... LMAO!  I think he's in for a very rude awakening!

My older bro, from what my sis told me is not too happy either, b/c, "It's too soon and we don't know her".  He loved Mom so much and is really greiving over her loss, she's the only mother he ever knew and she raised him as her own, she loved him no differenly than any of us other 4 and he knew that.  He never forgot her birthday or Mother's Day, when he would send her huge boquets of flowers, which she just absolutely LOVED!  The smile on he face and happiness in her voice said it all when she would, each time, tell me about them :)

That first day, it hurt hearing the news but then in reality, I'm glad he's moving on, I just wish he would have been more respectable about waiting and at least introducing us all to "her", whomever the f*@# "SHE" is?!, etc.  Guess he didn't want to face the firestorm LOL!

Lastly, he hasn't had the decency to tell me to my face/ear, I've not heard a word from him, we'll see what happens with that, but with November fast approaching, I guess the point is moot.

Now, I'm left with, he was my father since I was 9 years old (I'm 50 now) and he's marrying someone else who'm I'm not related to.  What'll we do with holidays and such?  The first thing he said to me when mom passed was, "I know I'm not your dad, but I wanna stay in touch with you kids" (there are 3 of us that he's referring to with this statement).  I said, "You've always been my Dad and of course we'll stay in touch".  I just have no idea to what degree now, b/c we're technically no longer family?!  Why didn't this woman insist on meeting us all and telling us to our faces or together or get to know us a bit?  Why the rush?  She's only 65 and he's 75. What happens when he dies?  He has a "condo" as he calls it, that's already paid for, next to Mom (he's to be creamated like she was and ashes placed in an urn, in a little marble slot with an etching and wording).  Mom used to say that, "I know if I die first, he's gonna remarry right away" and have a very mad, disappointed look on her face.  But it was her fault, she waited on him hand-and-foot!  I hated THAT and we'd argue about it.  She'd say that I was, "too American" and I'd remind her that, "You wanted me to BE!" LOL!

I guess there comes a time in life when YOU are the head of the family and all reunions happen at your house b/c everyone has passed on?  I know that I will continue to create a home for my family to be just that, together and loving each other unconditionally and as we are.  It's time for me to move-on, too, hard as it is, not saying "good-bye" but more like, Aloha, "see ya latahs"!  ... I guess it matters not how I feel, life is just going to go on and I'll surely live it and not merely exist as has been my nature since birth!

Thank you for listening, I really DO feel better :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celebration Giveaway!

So, Fall is my favourite time of year and to celebrate our victories as well as the season, after we get moved in to our new home which should be around the 1st? I'd like to have a giveaway!

I'll post pics of some fabulous Fall fabric and quite a good-sized amount and give you 4 chances to enter to win:

1.  Leave me a comment
2.  Leave a comment on a friends page mentioning my giveaway with a link to my page
3.  You'll get an extra entry for giving me the link to their page
4.  Follow me

We'll draw on Monday after Thanksgiving - yah, late for Fall fabric, I know but like I said, it's my FAV!

Po'maiki'i ana! (good luck)

*HUGS* and Alohas to you all!

FINALLY! I Break Through!

Well, let's get started.

This year started with me losing my job on February 7th, a job that I REALLY liked and with a company that I liked even more than that!  Then, on the 11th, my beloved mother passed away, suddenly. The picture of health and a health nut almost to an extreme, gone, just like that! Next came my older daughter's car accident with a semi-tractor trailer that most fortunately, only left her with a bruise across her shoulder where the seat belt saved her and severely shaken, which, she over came pretty quickly.

It gets better ... hubby, who has been jobless at this point almost three YEARS (September 2nd would have been three hears) continued to search in vain, as well as myself. So, by June, with our savings completely exhausted, we had to move.  Having put what was left of our belongings in climate controlled storage we left.  We had nowhere to go so I placed Butters with a neighbor that seriously loves him, probably as much as I do and what really hurt is, I think Butters loves that old man more than ME! LOL! BOY! The tears and pain in my heart at watching him drive away after I loaded him in the trailer and he kept looking back at me asking, "Aren't YOU coming WITH ME?!" Anyways, back to it ... Tilley, Sierra's Border Collie, went to live on a farm that's a fish hatchery chasing ducks away from the fish, she's in complete heaven and her new owner sends pics and updates ... to the ex, I can't handle it, it's just too heart-breaking.  George, my beloved outdoor cat who was the best dog I ever had, went to live across the street as head mouser and beloved feline ... happy fat cat lol!

'Lainey went to live with her dad since he has a six-figure income and is still single and lives in a school district that is what most only dream of.  He drops her off at school every morning and she rides a bus with padded seats, seat belts, heating and a/c, home and to her tech classes that are at another school.  The Cafeteria should be renamed McDonald's w/a Buffet/Salad Bar!  Her friends are nice preppy girls that care about their grades and their futures in a positive sense, and her classes, wow!  She is actually taking the same Chemistry class as a Sophmore in High School that her sister is taking as a Freshman at Texas Tech!  She misses me but only as a typical 15 year old girl does, trust me, we're both VERY happy with her new living arrangements, seeing me only on weekends and holidays/breaks  makes me the good guy LOL!  Plus, her grandfather gave her his car.  It's a newer model Buick with only 29K miles on it, whatta dream come true!  She's working at Chick-fil-a 2 days/week until she turns 16 so she's lovin life and I am so very happy about THAT!

So, that leaves Tuck, the Corgi, LeeLoo the Phalene and Jake my collie.  Jake and LeeLoo are living w/a friend in her large back yard in their pens and I visit them 4x/daily to feed, exercise and clean up after them ... the summer was brutal! Tuck is w/us here :)

So, for two weeks after we moved out of the house, we were homeless and sleeping in our car.  That was a cool adventure, much like back in high school, until it started getting hot, ugh!  So, hubby got a job doing day-labour which afforded us enough to continue to make the car payment and get a hotel room, where we've been ever since.

Now, the break through ...

Hubby got a job, a REAL job about the time school started and is enrolled in school full-time .. he just can't further his career w/o finishing his degree.  He's working 2nd shift, making straight A's, except for the 1 B lol! and although tired, not complaining a bit, too tired, too, I think? ... we got approved on an application for an apartment and we get to move in as soon as it's remodel is complete!  It's a 3 bedroom, which they rarely have come available and the best part, I get to take all 3 of my dogs, I don't have to place any of them! YAY!

So, as things improve, I'll get a nice, fat refund in the Spring, probably February and can buy a horse and get back to riding.  I've saved all my tack and am saving for a truck/trailer but that'll be late Spring at best lol!  The fact that there is light at the end of the tunnel is what matters.

Through it all, I never lost hope, I never gave up, I refused to complain or whine, we're not whiners in our family and I wasn't about to start now! Turning 50 yesterday proved that I CAN make all my dreams come true in spite of what life throws at me.  That I AM capable and everything that I've ever wanted to be and that I live life on MY terms, NEVER DEFEATED!  I have a profound sense of appreciation for myself and a self-worth that I never knew could deepen, actually did.

I only shared what we were going through with only a couple of close friends because I did not want folks wasting time on prayers for us that could be used for others, so many are in need and in far worse shape than us, because they have lost hope, I never did. To these dear friends and even my ex, who loaned us money and really didn't have to, I owe everything, for their love, support and prayers, I surely could not have made it otherwise.

I was very reluctant to share my story but I'm so happy with getting an apartment, and getting back on our feet that I just can't keep it to myself and have to write it somewhere and since no one ever reads this, why not HERE?! LOL!

Also, I didn't want anyone to worry or feel sorry for us/me or pity me. I'm a tough old bird and though I may be down, I won't EVER be OUT!  It may take me time and all this happened for a reason, it was time for change, time for growth and was necessary, as painful as it may have been at times.  But I made it through, unscathed.  It's just life, none of us get out of it alive or without incident, it is why Shakespeare called it "Drama", it's all connected and so are we and I am no longer afraid of that! I FEAR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

So many are in our soon-to-be, previous, situation.  Some constantly lament and even commit suicide?!  I can't imagine feeling that hopeless and pray for their eternal happiness.  If I could beg someone to NOT give up and it work, I would.  Instead, I pray with tremendous appreciation and gratitude.

Now, onward to a better and brighter future and getting back on our feetz with a LOT of riding and camping and quilting! WOO HOO!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Maybe A "Giveaway"?

Stay tuned as I have a giveaway planned!  You can enter multiple times, come back for instructions, it will be SO worth it!



Well, my beloved Sierra has left for college.

Texas Tech in Lubbock, care for my beloved, nurture her to your best and give her wings to fly without pause!

I am both proud and heartbroken for I surely miss the cherished little premie that I brought home from the hospital without an instruction manual and raised her completely and totally from my heart for the past 18 years.

Changes surely are wonderful, necessary and at times painful, but I have loved every, single minute of being "Mommie" and later "Momma", and I could not be more proud!  The wonderful and difficult choices she has made along the way have shaped her into who she is, a young woman that everyone would want to be and a daughter that every mother should be so privileged to be able to raise and be called Mother, by.

I will always be your mother, her for you without question or condition but now, as you go into your own adulthood, coaching from the sidelines, but always here as a soft place to fall when you need it, and refuge and rejuvenation from a hard and cruel world.  Keep your strength and heart and you will continue to be the Total Victor!

Sail on my "Cherubian Princess", you are forever in your mommie's heart, making me always proud in every, single thing that you do. 

All my love, (except that shared with your sister lol!)

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well, Sierra graduated the 5th of June.  She's off to Texas Tech in the Fall.  I am so proud of that kid, I just can't even express!  It's been a long haul and we've only just begun ... life right now is so very challenging and I just don't get why?!  It's supposed to be the time when things wind and slow down and you take it one day at a time and enjoy each moment, not chaos and challenges that make your soul ache!!!  Oh well, no rest for the weary I guess ... So, not it's on to relocating and getting 'Lainey through school then on to college.

Hubby starts school too in the Fall, to get his certification it's a requirement ... I'm good with that and prefer it.

Hurry up and come on with the Happily Ever After already ... SHeESH!

Friday, April 15, 2011

It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day, but ..

Dunno if I'm feelin good yet lol!

It's been a rough couple of weeks and I just haven't had anything to post.

I've picked up the quilting and have cooked a little but mostly, the wind has been knocked out of my sails and with imminent legal matters looming, I don't think I'll be able to enjoy the holidays that I had planned for April and May and then I need to focus a lot of energy and fun into Sierra's graduation get-together w/the extended family.

I'll get there, but for now, it's just one day at a time ...

Thursday, March 10, 2011


How many days til we can get OUT of TexASS and back to the East Coast where we LOVE living??? .... Let's see, 'Lainey graduates in June of 2014 and she'll be off to college by August so that means 3 years and 5 months, give-or-take ... :)

REEEEAAAALLLY HATE it here!  But, I wonder about leaving Dad, I shouldn't Glinda and Rickie are in TexASS too (yes, everyone follows me, ugh! lol!) and can get to him easily should he need them.

There, took care of THAT guilt easily! LOL!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

8 March 2011

Well, fighting the "funk" and refusing to give in to it but it surely is hard!

Going to try to enjoy some quilting.  I need to get Dad's quilt finished before Sierra's graduation when he comes down so I can give it to him then.  I hope to make it a very special time for us all.

Miss my little girl, she's growing up and flying the coup, leaving the nest but she knows the way home so I'm good.  I try to get her to cuddle with me telling her that soon I won't be able to do that whenver I want, she just giggles.

Never was a mother so proud or full of love and pride than I, nor was one more fortunate.  I love you with all of my heart my darling daughter, my shining pride :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Much Better

Yup! Getting up and out of this hole and the sun is beginning to shine again. 

Working on an Exploding Star quilt and a Star Log Cabin for my dad.  I'll finish the one I started for mom and keep it or give it to family, haven't decided yet as dad said he didn't want it :/

Anyways, here's to things turning around and going in a MUCH better, happier direction coz February completely SUCKED! LOL!

p.s.  I didn't post about Sierra's car accident, whoa!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Why do I feel like banging my head against the wall 1/2 the time?!  GEEEZUZ! This is HARD!

I told my children that we are not going through loss, but rather through change and sometimes BIG change is hard ... that's all, it's life, it happens and we'll get through b/c we can and always do ...

My heart hurts though ... but I'll get there ...

Monday, February 21, 2011


I sure wish I could hit the reset button, we're in the phase of after losing a loved one that one sibling is trying to control everything and all possessions.  Me, I could care less about such things. I have from my mother what I need.  I was always her daughter, the other 4 were her "kits" as she called them.  I wanted no part of her death and the aftermath that follows, I took care of her life, even at the end.  It is just sad how my younger sister is conducting herself and her life and mom's possessions, just sad.  She's really a sad, pitiful creature and I can no longer worry our care for her, she's 45 years old in April, I think she's grown enough to handle her life, however she sees fit.  She's not ever wanted any part of the 4 of us and our families, except when she needed something.  I helped her finish her degree when she was dumped by her "sugar daddy" b/c she turned 40 *rolling eyes*.  She could not do the work and write the papers, but I certainly could, and did.  We have a new brother-in-law that none of us met until my mother's funeral b/c she has put us down so badly.  Funny, at the end of the day, he certainly was behaving warming to us all which makes the statement that she had torn us down all this time ... apparently, they've been married for 2 years, have been attempting to have children at this late state and have had 5 miscarriages ... guess what goes around ... saddest part of that particular situation is, he doesn't know that she had an abortion at 16 and was told she would never be able to have children ... for the potential child's sake, I hope she never does.

There is so much more.  About 15 years ago, Mom called me all upset and when I found out what it was about I could not believe my ears!  Dad had made out a will that stated if he died before mom the house went to my older brother?!  Mom was so upset b/c she said that she HAD to sign the papers.  I asked her why she signed them and why she didn't say these things to him that she was saying to me?!? That she was married to him all these years, raised HIS kids and worked HARD as well, keeping house for 5 kids and 2 adults and all he did was work 40 hours/week and mowed the lawn when applicable and the occasional o/t when it was available and she would not get the house should he die?!  UN ... BE ... LIEVABLE!!!!

So, she went out and purchased a separate life insurance policy that I thought was too expensive at her advanced age, $200+/month!!!  So, where is that money now?!  It has NOT been mentioned ... just such a sad state of dramatic affairs that I'm afraid will not improve anytime soon ....

I did my part and that's all I can and will do ... I HAVE to go on and take care of my own family, my OWN children that I love dearly.  I need to let all of this go and be here and be present for them, they deserve no less.  They are the best children a person could have EVER prayed for.

Now is the hard part ... the aftermath, and it is here in this time, that I will find out who my friends REALLY are ...

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Longest, Saddest Day of My Life

My phone was ringing frantically this morning at around 8a ... I knew something was wrong.  As I answered it was my Wasband (the girls dad, my ex husband) and all he had to say was, "Has your Dad gotten ahold of you yet?"  I knew what that meant and replied, " DON'T TELL ME MY MOTHER HAS DIED?!" "He said, well ... " and that's all I heard. I broke down sobbing and began crying/screaming loudly in pain.  My husband picked up the phone as I made my way to the living room where the Altar is and began to pray.

I miss her terribly, of course, what daughter doesn't miss their mother? 

I got the details from my Dad later.  He said she had been ill for two weeks now and of course she only told me it was a "cold".  He said that the doctor prescribed her some cough medicine and from there she went down hill, FAST!  She was apparently on oxygen, which she also neglected to tell me, that she had to sleep with and it also started two weeks ago. 

Dad said that she had lost a lot of weight, which isn't good at all b/c she was 5'0" tall and only weighed 96lbs., what weight did she have to lose?!  He said he made her some chicken soup for dinner and she went to sleep.  He got up around 3a to check on her and she was sleeping peacefully, the he checked on her again around 6a and found her in the bathroom slumped over against the door jam.  He immediately called 911 and began CPR.

She was pronounced dead in the ambulance which is only a 3 minute ride from their house, one reason she loved that house so much b/c the police station and fire station next door to it were only 3 minutes away and the hospital was across the street from those stations ... that ride to the hospital was her last.

Poor Dad, when he was asked if he wanted to view her body one last time he said, "No that he had been performing CPR on her all morning and that was not the memory he wanted of her, dead in the hospital as if he had failed her" ...  you see ... Dad LIVED for Mom.  She was his life, he has said so on more than on occasion and it is him that I worry about now.  My older sister and I both agree that in a year, we will be sending him to be with Mom ... eternally.

I thank my mother for the culture, love and family that she taught me, the things that matter most in life are the things that can not be purchased.  I thank her for loving me for the person that I am and she saw and loved my nature.  My love of animals and especially my courage to pursue my love of horses and riding even at this late stage of the game ...

She turned 80 in December, I'll be 50 in October ... something she was so very proud of.

She and Dad just celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary on January the 30th ... a treasured day in our family for it brought two broken families together and made one whole, and very large family of ADD folks that needed to OD on Ritalyn! LOL!

I will miss her with every day that passes and as my Dad said .. this is Day 1 ... he means for him without Mom and that he doesn't see there being too awfully many ...

As Dad has always taught us, in Buddhism, it's not "good-bye" it's "See Ya Later"!

I love you Mom, I'm glad that I made you so proud, of me, of the children I have raised, of the family I made, the culture and traditions that I pass on.

In your honour, name and memory ... forever, my Mother.  Aishiiteimasu ...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well, with 3" of ice on the roads and everything closed down I got to quilt and not feel quilty about not being at work lol!

So, here's what I accomplished today.  It's for a co-worker's daugther who is only 2, almost 3.  Her request was for pink and brown and flannel, so this is what I came up with.  The sashing and border and the backing is flannel.  I am going to purchase a hand-held frame (Flynn Quilting Frame) and finish it since my FMQ leaves a LOT to be desired :/

Still loving my job and the company, and the folks that I work with and best of all, I actually can't wait to get to work everyday!  LOL!

Monday, January 17, 2011


It certainly has been a while since I've had the time and energy to post WOW!  Whatta whirlwind!

I've almost completed training and have started my new sked which I just adore!  I love where I work and the folks I work with and can't wait to start horsey shopping and riding again when the weather gets a better for us here.

I'm actually going to be completing a quilt w/in the next couple of days and thanks my new sked another one by the weekend WOW!  I am SO excited!  I am also making plans to finish all my UFOs as they are actually practice for much better attempts at quilting lol!  Also, I am excited about a few that I have planned for this year.

I am really looking forward to 2011 b/c it is already a jump ahead at being better than 2010 lol!

Updates with pics in a few days, here's hoping you have an ounce of the happines I live *HUGS* and Alohas!  Til next time ..

Happy trails and happy quilting!