Monday, November 14, 2011

Giveaway Update

First, let me apologize for being so late and still not having pics of the fabric that I'd like to give away to celebrate the season and our victorious summer!

The move went off, but not w/o a hitch or two the main one being that I've torn my meniscus and possibly my ACL and apparently outpatient or day surgery will be necessary and I'll be out of commission for up to three months afterwards. ugh ...   I will see the doc the first week of December to see about scheduling the surgery, etc., and w/deductibles and such, I'm sure I'll be scheduling for January ;)

So, that leaves the house still in disarray, things still in boxes and I need storage!  (hubby's working full-time nights, going to school full-time days so he does what he can) Apparently, even though our apartment is three bedrooms, there's no storage for things that were in the attic, ARGH!  So, I'm shopping for ways to store things that doesn't leave me with totes stacked to the ceiling in a bedroom lol!

I'll get batteries for the camera this weekend and pics of the fabric up and then feel free to enter up to five times,  here's how!

1. Leave me a comment

2. Create a link on your page, back to mine

3. Leave a comment on a friends page mentioning my giveaway with a link to my page

4. You'll get an extra entry for giving me the link to their page

5. Follow my blog

There you have it, FIVE chances to win!

*HUGS* and Alohas!


  1. How refreshing to know I am not the only blogger out there with technical issues! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Mericurisumasu to you too!