Monday, December 13, 2010

Time Sure Does FLY!

Well, so, I've made it through 4 weeks of training mostly unscathed and loving my work environment, the work itself and mostly my wonderful co-workers.  How fortunate I am!!!  I can't wait to get the offer to go permanent, just hope that I DO get that offer lol!

My poor sewing machine finally went kaput!  So, I found one on ebay and can't wait to get it!  I bid on it, it's NIB and BOY! OH! BOY!  Will I be cranking out quilts for a while! LOL!  It doesn't have my favourite feature, AHA (automatic height adjustment) but I'll surely be grateful until I can afford my dream machine :)

On the quilting note, I found stencils that I can follow and make my quilting patterns and even w/that help my poor machine just jumps so severely, periodic burps in the quilting make it look awful, however, it's not a total loss and I LOVE the stencils!  So, waiting to see if I win the auction and get a new machine for Christmas *wink*  Santa, I've been SUCH a good girl this year :)

I hope and pray that all have a wonderful and happy holiday and to our service men and women overseas who protect us with all that they have, I hope they have the BEST holiday of all and know that this woman deeply appreciates them and their sacrifice. Because of them I can worship as I please and speak my mind freely, enjoy any occupation and lifestyle that I choose, no limits, that's freedom ... but it ain't free!


  1. You have a happy holiday too. What is your dream machine? Good luck with the one that you are getting. I have the Pfaff 4.0 Expression and love it.

  2. Hey Micki!
    My dream machine is the Inno-vis Laura Ashley, or any one that has AHA and auto stitch regulation :) I got a Janome can't remember right off-hand which model but will probably regret NOT getting a Pfaff :D