Saturday, August 20, 2011


Well, my beloved Sierra has left for college.

Texas Tech in Lubbock, care for my beloved, nurture her to your best and give her wings to fly without pause!

I am both proud and heartbroken for I surely miss the cherished little premie that I brought home from the hospital without an instruction manual and raised her completely and totally from my heart for the past 18 years.

Changes surely are wonderful, necessary and at times painful, but I have loved every, single minute of being "Mommie" and later "Momma", and I could not be more proud!  The wonderful and difficult choices she has made along the way have shaped her into who she is, a young woman that everyone would want to be and a daughter that every mother should be so privileged to be able to raise and be called Mother, by.

I will always be your mother, her for you without question or condition but now, as you go into your own adulthood, coaching from the sidelines, but always here as a soft place to fall when you need it, and refuge and rejuvenation from a hard and cruel world.  Keep your strength and heart and you will continue to be the Total Victor!

Sail on my "Cherubian Princess", you are forever in your mommie's heart, making me always proud in every, single thing that you do. 

All my love, (except that shared with your sister lol!)

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