Saturday, November 13, 2010


What the heck happened to my music? Some of it has been changed, oh well, guess I'll work on that when I have a chance, apologies b/c some of that is NOT what's been on here ... yuck! lol!

I'm fighting off a cold, of COURSE I get sick b/c I'm starting back to work  Monday ... just proves I'm allergic to 8-5 work LOL!

Well, I FINALLY finished my first COMPLETED quilt and it is a total MESS, YUCK! LOL!  Everything that you can do wrong in making a quilt, I did LOL!  I did learn a LOT and it has helped me with my decisions on machines as well, so this quilt means a lot.  Hubby said, "It's okay, we still love it coz you made it" LOL!  He's turning his office into a quilt gallery of my finished projects that are all practice/learning items ... boy! does he love me or WHAT coz that stuff is UGLY! LMBO!


  1. That is NOT ugly!!!
    And I think that is cool about your husband. Mine just laughs at me. I made him a quilt with his kids on it...but other than that he could care less about my quilts or efforts.
    You really worked hard on your quilting. I am impressed! What machine did you decide on? My Janome Horizon is still waiting on me in layaway and will be forever!!!!

  2. Well, thanks for that Tonya, but it really IS ... blech! You're only saying that coz you can't see it in person LOL! Yah, hubby loves that I'm passionate about things and like me when something is handmade it has a lot of value. He's an artist so he appreciates creativity from a unique perspective and I appreciate THAT for sure! Thank you for the quilting compliments but it was mostly experimenting to see if I could accomplish what I wanted ... again, *blech* LOL!

    I'm thinking that I'm going to go with the new Laura Ashely by brother/inno-vis but that's not a definite. Mine might as well be in lay-away, saving for it is the same thing in this house LOL!