Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Top

I finished another top and LOVE this fabric line.  It's called "Bar Harbor" another by Moda.  This was from the Moda Bake Shop line of free patterns.  I knocked this out in 40 minutes!  I LOVE IT!  and do plan to make a few more!

Now if I could just get them quilted! LOL!  What is the dEAL with this blog?!  I post pics and then afterwards can't get the text to left align?!   More reasons to not work on this site, really don't like that I can't get it the way I want it to look, oh well, another non-techie moment :(


  1. Go into your blogger dashboard.
    Under the settings tab, clear at the bottom you'll see a 'Global Settings' section.
    Click the "Updated Editor" button. For some stupid reason when you start a blog, they automatically set it to the old editor which is horrible for photo placement. You should have better luck with the updated version.
    Hugs from your Hillbilly friend!
    (Ps...get rid of that Hillbilly wife over on the right. I hear she just ditched everyone. Hillbilly Handiworks is much nicer!!)

  2. That's the challenge Tonya, it IS set on "Updated Editor" and still have the same issues. Also, have deleted "that wife" :D from the list but it won't delete from the list on the left. I think I'll try changing the layout and see if that works ... so frustrating :/