Thursday, July 22, 2010

*Heavy Sigh*

Okay, I give up for a while b/c I can't find a couple of songs that I really want on my playlist player and I can not seem to get the page to look the way that I want it to ... *groan*


  1. Hi Bridgette.
    This blogger thing is frustrating to me at times too. I just switched over to the new template designer. Something new to learn all the time it seems.
    Don't forget to switch over to the new blog (I see my old one way down yonder in your roll call, lol)

  2. LOL! Hey Tonya! That's part of my frustration, I tried to delete it since you said you switched but it didn't get removed from the list?! Also, I can't seem to add new ones or what I REALLY want to happen, is that only the titles show not parts of the blog, that way less space, neater looking and I can't get pics added to the blog itself, across the top, etc. I am using the templates but ... ugh ... lol! I added your new page but it won't show up on the list ... see?! ACK! LOL!