Saturday, September 25, 2010

May I have a Do-Over, Please?!

You ever have one of those days where you really should just go back to bed or get a Do-Over?  Well, yes, this one is mine, and it's early yet!  Although rare, these kinds of days, I just have to have them once-in-a-blue-moon so that I appreciate how smooth and simple my life is, just the way that I like it! lol!

My sewing machine died, for some reason when finishing a quilting project by putting on the binding. *rolling eyes* I like to use zig-zag sometimes and this time when adjusting the bobbin dial back to a normal stitch it keeps doing nothing but creating a diabolical disaster on the back side of anything that I am trying to quilt ACK!  This is way more than just "bird nests", it is complete and total YUCK!

I can't sign onto the quilting board that I belong to, to get any advice or let every one know that I'm behind (haven't even started as that's where I was headed when this disaster happened!) on my block swap project b/c they did some server maintenance all day yesterday, last night and now I can't sign on!

Think I'll just go out for a ride ... but the way this day is going so far ... maybe I'd better not!  LOL!

*eyes crossed* ... *faints* ------------   THUD!

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