Saturday, September 4, 2010


OH ... MY... GREATNESS IT IS GOREGOUS OUT!!!  You know, it is my belief that when the devil was looking for a place to call hell he turned Texas down b/c he said, "It's just too hot!"  So, when Autumn rolls around it is just HEAVENLY around here! 

Our temps for the weekend are lows in the upper 50s and highs in the upper 80s ... I'd live here forEVER if those were year 'round temps LOL!

Weather seems to affect everything and this gorgeous weather has made for a lovely breakfast on the front porch w/hubby ... kiddos are gone.  Horses were up saying goodmorning and enjoying theirs w/us.  A gentle breeze, bright sunshine and not blazing for once lol!  Birds singing, the last of the crickets and sequedas chirping away and the birds just singing.  My begonias survived another summer and look beautiful ... maybe I should start posting pics of this stuff?!  I need a way better camera to get gorgeous pics on here!

I started having "tea" w/my daughters.  The kind my mother and sisters and I used to do where we just sit and enjoy tea in some lovely china and chat about our goings on ... *sigh*  I'm glad I've introduced them to "tea".  They loved it and look forward to it now.

I have a cup or two before bed every night and in the afternoons will have a few cups but my mornings still belong to my beloved coffee.

Although life has been it's most challenging these past two years and this past month the MOST ... we still have what matters, our hearts and hope, always hope.

I have never been so happy and fulfilled ... LOVIN life! :)

Care for some tea and made from scratch lemon bars?  *HUGS*

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