Sunday, October 17, 2010


Ahhhhhh ... *happy sigh of relief*  Here we are again, my fav day of the week!  Join us for Brunch?  The menu is:  Whole wheat pancakes, thick slab bacon, eggs, peppers from the garden, biscuits, Greek yogurt w/fruit and granola, coffee, tea and juice.  We're eating outdoors under the gorgeous trees in this GorGEoUS weather!  I just LOVE Sundays, my absolute fave day of the week!

I'm going for a ride later, just around the farm, wanna join me after Brunch?!

Also, thought I'd try to change the look of my blog to something more Autumnal ... also my fav.

Can't believe I'll be 49 this Tuesday, I feel like I'm only 35 and thankfully look it!  I say it's because all the FAT fills in what would be wrinkles! LOL! 

I had a family member have stroke this past Friday and it brings to the fore of my mind the ever present need to become physically fit and no longer take fitness for granted.  So, that's my goal for the next year ... along with a few others *wink* *big grin*

Happy Trails to all!


  1. Mmm, your brunch sounds yummy! I especially love greek yogurt. Do you get the kind with honey?

  2. Hey Val! No, I got the plain and add honey and granola and fruit and sometimes walnuts to it :)

  3. I would love to join you for riding...My dad taught me how to ride when I was very young. I don't know if I told you, but I used to live in Texas. I lived in the Woodlands and taught at HISD in Houston, and then I also lived in Austin and taught at Del Valle High School.
    It's a shame we didn't know each other then.

  4. Yah, real shame ... but, we can know each other now! LOL!