Sunday, January 20, 2013

Well if it isn't the most GOrGEoUS Sunday that I have seen in a looong time!

We've been having a bout of winter unlike what we normally have here in North Texas along the Red River and for me, it's been a very welcome change, I really loathe the heat here.

I managed to kill yet another sewing machine, hence the new profile pic, compliments of hubby lol!  Refunds are due soon and that means repairs and hopefully an additional, upgraded machine for me! I have a LOT of UFOs to complete and I am anxious to get to them as well as start new projects with gorgeous fabrics and patterns that I've found. Can you tell I am totally and completely besotted with quilting as well as seriously addicted?

No new horsey, yet but hopefully that will be resolved this year too, as well as some extended time away trying for the entire month of August, as it is just too hot to be here in Texas at that time.  But, if it doesn't work out then I'll do like every other respectable Texan, hybernate lol!

Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Sunday, too.  

As always, *HUGS* and plenny Alohas!

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