Thursday, January 3, 2013

Internet Connection Frustration

Being without internet since last Friday, I think it was, is just CRAZY frustrating!  We live out in the country, just on the edge of town, but apparently, the "town" we live in is a mixture of both above and below ground cabling, so, when it rains, we loose connection .. *rolling eyes*. Then, yesterday, the Technician is finally able to come out and fix our prob, he discovers 100s of errors in the lines we're connected to and patches us to a new connection, only leaving a "few" errors. *rolling eyes again*

These "few" errors leave me unable to connect to my beloved Missouri Star Quilt Company's website, in parts.  I can't get to the quilt shop (probably a good thing lol!) but I CAN connect to the daily deal (again, probably a good thing). I CAN connect to the blog, but I can NOT connect to the Forum/Community ... ARRGH!  I was having fun reconnecting with all of my friends from that board!  I remembered also why I quit going on the forum ... SERVER ISSUES! AAARRRGH! LOL!  Apparently, their server and mine do NOT like each other ... and "I" am the one (the customer) who gets to suffer the brunt of it all ... what a big bummer :/

So, if any of you are reading this and can, would you please let my friends on the Forum know what's happened to me and why I'm not there? LOL!

The wonders of technology.  It's like a drug, get you hooked then you can't do without and omg the withdrawals if you can't get any!   I feel like some junkie in a movie!

Ultimately, yes, we're switching back to cable internet coz this AT&T 768 crap is for the BIRDS!


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